ARTIST AT RESORT - TERM 15 extended call for proposals until Jan 18, 2018


This call is open until Jan 10, 2018   Extended until Jan 18, 2018!

 Period of residency: End of February until end of April 2018
Showcase/Performances: May 17-19, 2018

Dance/Choreography/Performance-Projects focused on collaborations with
  Contemporary Music (Composition, Live or Computer-Music) and/or
Visual Arts (Installation, objects, video, light) 

‘Artist at Resort‘ – is a project for the promotion of choreography and performing art at our homebase TANZ*HOTEL | RESORT 1020.
Following the application process, three to four artists or teams will be selected to develop and present their new performance projects as part of a residency.
AAR artists will be supported in their dramatic and choreographic undertakings by choreographer Bert Gstettner and organizational work with the help of Claudia Bürger.
The aim is a co-production with the opportunity of a three-time public presentation. The T*H studio may be used on individual arrangement. The income of the final performances at the studio will be shared with the artists. Slight production grant possible.

Fotos: Jour Fixe AAR Term 14, 2017 | Probe Arttu Palmio, AAR Term 8, 2013 | AAR Term 10 Werkschau, 2014

Dancers and choreographers with new solo, duo or trio projects (concepts) may apply independently of age, origin, education and history of prior applications. All forms of expression that have contemporary dance, choreography or performance art as their starting point are highly welcome.

To apply, please send a short project description along with a CV, list of works, references, DVDs and video links to artistic director:

Bert Gstettner | Tanz*Hotel
1020 Vienna, Zirkusgasse 35 | 
AAR is supported by WienKultur, Wien-Leopoldstadt and Bildrecht GmbH.

A membership at the Bildrecht GmbH>>> (for licensing and questions of law) is recommended.